One of my goals is to become a better writer and communicator, perhaps writing a book eventually.

To this end, I’ve downloaded a habit tracker called Loop where hopefully I will incentivize myself to write a blog post every week even if it’s short. Though I do intend to try and stick to technical topics. I’ve tried habit trackers like Habitica in the past, but the web interfaces are clunky and I’ve definitely fallen prey to the overjustification effect which I learned about from the College Info Geek podcast

My other habits to track are generally going to the gym, which I am doing using the Stronglifts app (which, for the paid version, conveniently integrates with Google Fit) I also am tracking my sleep with Sleep As Android and just purchased their Sleep Mask which connects with USB OTG, that will probably be a review later on.

I have finished reading Sam Harris’s Waking Up, so I will try to meditate more. Luckily, he has some guided meditation audio files to get started, and apparently a mobile app will be coming out.